Data Discovery & Access Service

Welcome to the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery & Access Service

The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access service is one of the two main components of the Blue-Cloud technical framework, next to the Blue Cloud Virtual Research Environment (VRE). It facilitates discovery and retrieval of data sets and data products for external users in stand-alone mode. Functionality to serve also users of the VRE through connectivity will be added soon. The Blue-Cloud data sets are managed in blue data infrastructures (BDIs) that are connected to the Blue Cloud service to serve federated discovery and access.

A common interface is provided for discovery and retrieval of data sets and data products from each of the federated BDIs. The interface also includes facilities for mapping and viewing the locations of data sets, as this is part of the query dialogue. Moreover, the interface has a shopping mechanism, facilitating users to compose and submit mixed shopping baskets with requests for data sets from multiple BDIs.

The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access service makes use of web services and APIs, following protocols such as CSW, OAI-PMH, ERDDAP, or otherwise, as provided and maintained by the BDIs. These are used to deploy machine-to-machine interactions for harvesting metadata, submitting queries, and retrieving resulting metadata, data sets and data products.

The query mechanism has a two-step approach:

Currently, the following BDIs are federated in the Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access service:

Blue Data InfrastructureTypes of data setsLogo and link
SeaDataNet CDI serviceMarine physics, bathymetry, chemistry, geology, geophysics, and biology observation data sets
EMODnet Chemistry data productsMarine chemistry data collections and interpolated map products
EurOBIS - EMODnet BiologyMarine biogeographic data collections with taxonomy and distribution
Euro-Argo and Argo GDACOcean physics and marine biogeochemistry observation data from Argo floats
ELIXIR- European Nucleotide Archive (ENA)Nucleotide sequencing data and information on marine species
EcoTaxaTaxonomic annotation data of images on planktonic biodiversity
SeaDataNet data productsAggregated marine data collections and climatologies, such as for Temperature & Salinity
ICOS-MarineLong-term oceanic observations of carbon uptake and fluxes for understanding the global carbon cycle
SOCAT - Surface Ocean CO2 AtlasSOCAT version 2020 with quality-controlled surface ocean fCO2 measurements from 1957 to 2020
EMODnet BathymetryEMODnet Bathymetry World Base Layer is used as base map in the interface

The ambition of Blue-Cloud is to connect more Blue Data Infrastructures in the near future.